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At Pharmapex’s Animal Health Department (AHD), we offer a wide variety of products that vary from country to country. Building on years of experience, our group delivers quality vaccines, medicines and feed additives, complemented by diagnostic and genetic tests to enhance the health and well-being of production animals, companion animals, and wildlife including endangered species. We are working every day to better understand and address the real-world challenges faced by those who raise and care for animals in ways they find truly relevant.

AHD offers products for the following major groups:

Major Animal Groups:

The growing aquaculture industry is continually challenged to meet growing worldwide demand, produce an attractive product, fight diseases and reduce pollution within the aquaculture environment. AHD has a variety of solutions that address these issues… learn more

Cattle & Sheep
At different stages in life, dairy and beef cattle and sheep have different demands. Yet the producer’s main goal always remains the same: to optimize performance. Our group is dedicated to providing veterinarians and producers with innovative technologies— and the best cost positions—on our various products to find new ways to help to deal with some of the most important threats to the health and efficiency of cattle and sheep. … learn more

Companion Animals
People with companion animals often do not consider them merely as pets, but as part of the family. That is why their animal’s overall health and a long life are goals they value highly. AHD offers a number of products and possibilities that help dogs and cats live healthy lives. From vaccines to natural-source vitamin E, we have what you need to help you give consumers what they want.… learn more

AHD offers high quality and very effective products of advanced formulas designed to meet the needs of horses that includes pleasure horses, racehorses performance horses and working horses.  Our products enables horses to live longer and healthy lives..… learn more

Our group provides industry-leading innovations in the poultry health field for broilers, layers, and breeders.  Focused on solutions to protect the health and well-being of your poultry flocks, AHD offers a comprehensive selection of vaccines and extensive line of feed supplements that address many important poultry health challenges. Products include vaccines against Marek's disease, Newcastle disease, and many others.  We also provide those same offerings for other poultry species such as ducks, geese, quail and other game birds.…learn more

The pork production business has been changing over the years - consolidation, shifts in consumer attitude, increasing sophistication in the ways pork is marketed, and growing public awareness of issues related to food-animal production, animal health, and food safety.  Consumers want assurance that the animal health products veterinarians and producers use, won't harm humans, and assurance that the meat they consume is safe. Our group has an extensive line of products that helps both environmentally and economically..…learn more

Major Product Classes†

Featured Products:


MegaFeed™, a manufactured brand of Pharmapex’s Animal Health Department (AHD), offers the highest quality of specialty products for the animal feed industry around the world..…learn more

† Not all products referred to on this site are available in all countries and our products are subject to different regulatory requirements depending on the country of use. Consequently, certain sections of this site may be indicated as being intended only for users in specific countries. Some of the products may also be marketed under different trade names.

You should not construe anything on this site as a promotion or solicitation for any product or for the use of any product that is not authorized by the laws and regulations of your country of residence.  For inquiries about the availability of any specific product in your country, you may simply contact us at

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Featured Products:


MegaFeed™, a manufactured brand of Pharmapex’s Animal Health Department (AHD), offers the highest quality of specialty products for the animal feed industry around the world..…learn more

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