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What is Cornbond™?
Cornbond™ is a modified corn starch with superior adhesion and expansion properties. This product is designed as a high quality, all natural binder and lubricant for pellets, crumbles, cubes, range blocks, and pet foods. Cornbond™ also works well in aquaculture feeds.

Cornbond™ helps reduce breakage and fines and aids in mechanical processing of finished feed products. This product is a low inclusion binder. This suggested level improves pellet quality and durability and adds lubrication qualities for easier processing.

Mode of action:
Adhesion is the process by which materials are held by physical to chemical interaction of the materials involved. This is accomplished by joining the surfaces of the materials together or by applying an adhesive between them. An adhesive is defined as a material which, when added to surfaces, can join the together and resist separation (WAKE, 1976). It should be obvious that in the pelleting process, we try to activate the natural adhesives found in feed ingredients, through temperature and moisture control. A pellet binder can also be added to help bind and join the ingredients together during the pelleting process.

Cornbond™ will absorb moisture and water, including large amounts of steam which is required to activate the modified starch to form an adhesive bond around the feed particles to bind the particles together in the pelleting process. It is attracted to moist wet steam to activate and tackify the product, to aid in lubrication of the die, to reduce friction and allow increased temperatures at the pellet mill as high as possible to aid in gelatinization of the ration. Cornbond™ allows temperatures to run 15 to 20 degrees higher than formula without binders. As a general rule, the higher the temperature, the better the binder.

Inclusion rate:
1kg to 2kg per MT of feed.

TYPICAL ANALYSIS (% OF DM): Moisture 6.0, Fat 0.4, Carbohydrate 93.0, Fiber 0.4, Carbohydrate 93.0, Ash 0.2, TDN 87.0, NEL Mca/kg 2.0, ME Kcal/kg 3,400. Physical – White, Particle size % - On US No.40 0.0 – 0.0%, On US No.60 - 0.0 %, On US No.80 - 10.0 %, On US No.100 – 30.0% and Pan – 60.0%. Fine texture, free flowing.


  • Higher PDI pellets, firmer, more durable
  • Less fines and product loss
  • Higher pelleting temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees higher, better gelatinization
  • Better die lubrication
  • Lower energy requirement, less pelleting
  • Less pelleting run time, increased through put
  • Lower manufacturing costs, more profit and margins
  • Easy to handle for plant employees
  • All natural consistant organic binder, which has customer appeal in today's sustainable market
  • Advantage over mineral chemical binders such and aluminosilicate and surfactants: Cornbond™ is more palatable, provides nutrition and energy and feed values, whereas alumnosilicates and surfactants can provide none.
1 MT bulk bags or 22.75 paper bags, suited for exports or local market.

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