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What is Exodor™?
Exodor™ is a highly concentrated blend of enzymes, probiotics and organic catalysts for breaking down organic matter into its simple components, in the treatment of lakes, rivers, water treatment plants, compost and oxidation ponds.

Mode of action:
The enzymes and probiotics in Exodor™ digest fast the protein, carbohydrate and fat groups accelerating their decomposition and by-passing the normal anaerobic process, thus reducing time, bad odors (eliminating the anaerobic process) and avoiding toxic gas formation, such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane.

Application instructions:
Mix 1kg of Exodor™ powder concentrate with 39 liters of water. The resulting solution is Exodor™ liquid concentrate. All applications vary in frequency depending on characteristics and degree of contamination. The following recommendations are estimates. The natural process of bio-remediation is a cumulative process and with time and continuous treatment, less rate of inclusion may be needed.
For sewage systems: Apply 1 liter of Exodor™ concentrate per 100,000 liters of sewage.
For bodies of water: Apply 1 liter of Exodor™ liquid concentrate per 500,000 liters of water.
For water treatment plants: 1 liter of Exodor™ liquid concentrate per 300,000 liters of water.
For excrement and compost: 1 liter of Exodor™ liquid concentrate for 4,000 kg .
In liter and drinking water: Dilute 1.0 kg of Exodor™ powder in 499 liters of water. Apply 500 liters per 8,000 SQ meters of liter, before the start of the next cycle, without changing the liter. Another application may be made at day 16, at customer’s discretion. In poultry drinking water, apply 500 ml of solution per each 10,000 birds, three time per week.
In aquaculture farms: 2 Liters of Exodor™ liquid / HA., first treatment. 1 liter / HA. every 10 days during the cycle.
For oxidation ponds: 1 Liter Exodor™ liquid concentrate per 10,000 liters to 50,000 liters, depending on degree of contamination.
For porcine and bovine operations: In the main wash water tank for daily washing of confinements, add 1 liter per 1,000 liters of water.

Exodor™ components:
ASSAY: Enzymes, Probiotics and Organic Catalysts (Powder Concentrate). See power point presentation.

1kg aluminum pouch in 20kg carton boxes. Store in dry area, under roof at ambient temperature inside a in dry place, and away from sunlight. Shelf life: 1 year, approx.


  • Control of toxic gases produced in during the growth cycle, eliminating its harmful effects on the animals improving the air quality of the confinement. Ammonia and H2S.
  • Enzymes and Probiotics breakdown organic compounds allowing the compost for a good quality fertilizer.
  • Ammonia is converted to protein increasing nutrient capabilities for fertilizer use.
  • The types of probiotics in Exodor™ grow and produce additional enzymes, boosting its action of breaking down organic compounds.
  • Exodor™ is an effective tool for getting rid of swine and bovine excrement.
  • In poultry litter, it eliminates ammonia and conditions litter for further use as an excellent fertilizer.
  • Restores oxidation ponds to aerobic processes and prevents further anaerobic processes to occur.
  • Eliminates offensive odors and floculates suspended solids clearing up water for photosyntheisis.
  • Eliminates algae formation.
  • Restores large bodies of water to support life promoting the presence of natural fauna.

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