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What is Florablend™?
Florablend™ is a blend of beneficial bacteria and antibodies of natural origin, extracted from dehydrated eggs, both designed to provide the animal with adequate microflora and the presence of antibodies specific against predominant pathogens in the poultry.

Mode of action:
With modern technical innovations in immunology, we are now able to produce individual antibodies at given levels (titre) for many of the intestinal pathogens that invade young animals. These antibodies can be blended and orally fed to insure that each animal receive an adequate oral dose. If given within a few hours after birth, the young animals can absorb these antibodies and have passive immunity. Older animals can be fed antibodies to displace pathogens from the gut.

Animal need a minimum amount of beneficial bacteria (micro-flora) in order to aid normal digestion and protection against pathogens. Normally, when pathogens enter the intestinal tract, they tend to compete with the micro-flora in occupying inner intestinal surface (competitive exclusion). This creates an imbalance in the intestinal micro-flora, reducing the dominant presence of lactic acid producing bacteria.

In this situation, desired microbials in Florablend™ provide the animal with both beneficial desired microbials, to recover the normal balance in the intestinal microflora, and natural antibodies, specific against predominant pathogens in the animal. These antibodies attach themselves to their specific receptors in the inner intestinal surface. In this way, the antibodies inhibit the infectious action of the pathogens, which are then excreted, thus preventing animal infection.

Mode of Application:
Florablend™ can be administered both as a preventive and therapeutic treatment. Providing only beneficial bacteria to the animal almost always result in the infection returning in 48 hours. However, providing also specific antibodies an in Florablend™, a complete elimination of the infection is assured.

Rates of Applications
In baby chicks
Preventive treatment: 50gr per 10,000 birds per day during the first 3 days, in the drinking water at placement (first day). After the 7th day, apply Megaenzyme™ in feed at 100 grams / MT.
Therapeutic treatment: Apply 50 grams per 10,000 birds in the morning water, every day during seven days, in presence of E. Coli or Salmonella infection.
In breeders and layers
50grs per 5,000 layers per day in the drinking water during the days of antibiotic retirement. Also anytime at the discretion of the veterinarian in charge.

*Note: Florablend™ does not have any counter-indication if used jointly with any type of antibiotic.

University Study:Florablend-University-Study-June2009.pdf

All ingredients in Florablend™ are approved by FDA through AFCO (American Feed Control Officials).

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