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Mega CT™


What is Mega CT™?
Mega CT™ is a blend of Circovirus, S. thyphimurium antibodies, beneficial bacteria, and yeast. All components are of natural origin or extracted from dehydrated eggs. Mega CT™ is designed to provide the animals with beneficial microflora and host-specific antibodies against predominant pathogens.

Mode of action:
Today’s modern technology in immunology allows the production of host-specific antibodies at set levels of titer to combat important pathogens that invade the digestive tract of young animals. These antibodies can be blended and orally administered to insure that each animal receives the dosage needed. In newborn animals, these antibodies can be absorbed by the animal, creating passive immunity. In older animals, the antibodies will displace the pathogens in the intestinal tract. Generally, animals need a quantity of beneficial bacteria (microflora) to:

1) Absorb nutrients in the intestinal tract
2) Produce substances needed in normal digestion
3) Aid in the protection of the animal against predominant pathogens

Normally, when bacteria enter the digestive tract, they tend to compete against other microflora to occupy the intestinal surface (Competitive Exclusion). An undesirable imbalance in the intestinal microflora is the reduction of lactic acid producing bacteria. In this situation, the beneficial bacteria (microflora) have been replaced by pathogens, resulting in an animal infection.

The components in Mega CT™ provide the animal with both the beneficial bacteria needed to maintain a normally balanced microflora and an adequate concentration of natural antibodies. These antibodies attach to the antigens on the pathogens, thus preventing these pathogens from attaching to the intestinal wall of the animals. Ultimately, these pathogens are expelled, thus preventing animal disease. In this product, antibodies are specifically directed to Circovirus and S. thyphimurium.

Method of application:
Mega CT™ can be administered both as a preventive and therapeutic treatment. Providing probiotics to the animal helps to minimize re-infection.

Swine: Antibodies for Circovirus (All Types) and S. thyphimurium
Probiotics: B. longum, B. thermophilum, Enterococcus faecium, and L. Acidophilus
Total bacterial counts 15,000,000,000 cfu/gm.

Rates of application:
Post weaning: 60 to 75 grams/MT of feed during the following 1 – 2 weeks post weaning and extend treatment during the following 4 weeks or more.

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