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What is Megacid™?
Megacid™ is a blend of dry distilled organic acids and soft carbon powder extracted from the bark of evergreen broad-leaved trees. Megacid™ is a natural coccidiostat and bactericide for poultry, swine, and bovine rations.

Mode of action:
Soft carbon powder absorbs microorganisms, and distilled organic acids inhibit multiplication of pathogenic microorganism and promote multiplication of lactic acid-producing bacteria.

Soft Carbon:
The crystal lattice of soft wood carbon in Megacid™ has an absorbing effect on Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, Influenza Virus, salmonella, etc.

Distilled organic acids:
The distilled organic acids in Megacid™ have a bactericidal effect in E. Enteritidis, Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, etc.

Intestinal Microflore:
The presence of Megacid™ in the intestinal microflora promotes proliferation of beneficial lactic acid-producing bacteria, such as lactobacillus Acidophilus, bifidus bacteria, the organisms helping to balance microflora.

Megacid™ promotes gut functions, establishes a barrier against foreign pathogens, and activates the immune system against stress.

Megacid™ prevents the multiplication of harmful bacteria, thus helps prevents diarrhea, inhibits the production of decay products and toxins produced be harmful bacteria, helps produce substances that maintain the functions of the digestive tract, and improve intestinal movement and contribute to prevention of constipation. Stronger immune response to disease.

Economic benefits:
Megacid™ improves productivity indexes in poultry, swine, and bovine, preventing digestive disorders, reduced weight gain and immune dysfunctions, among others.

Bovine: 4gr/h/day, five days after weaning.
Swine: 80gr/MT of feed for 12 days after weaning.
Poultry: 50gr/MT of feed for last 35 days of cycle.

Appearance: Natural fine powder, black color, slightly wood vinegar
Composition: Wood Carbon - 80% Wood Vinegar - 20%
Bromatological analysis: Crude Fiber - 41.7%, Crude Ash - 12.90%, Crude Protein - 5.7%, Crude Fat - 0.20%, Calcium - 2.90%, Phosphorous - 0.06%, Moisture - 30.5%

All ingredients approved by (FDA) and American Feed Control Officials under G.R.A.S classification.

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