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Megacid P™


What is Megacid P™?
Megacid P™ is a concentrated blend of organic substances, protected in a special matrix of fatty modulator in poultry feeds.

Mode of action:
Megacid P™, under its “Patent Pending” manufacturing process, has a triple mechanism of action: quick release of dissociated acids in the crop/gizzard, and proventricles; slow and controlled release of organic acids in the intestinal tract in a non-dissociated form, reducing drastically enteric improving the zootechnic problems; and antibacterial action directly in the feed upon contact. This technology, developed by us, is known as C.S.R.T., (Coating Sustained Release Technology), Patent Pending. Simultaneous treatment of corp/gizzard, GIT and feed.

Rate of application:
Broilers: 125 to 250 grams/MT of feed.
Breeders and layers: 250 to 500 grams/MT of feed.
Turkeys: 450 grams/MT of feed.

Color: Micro-pearls, white
Odor: Characteristic
Granulometry: 500-1,000 microns
pH: 1.5 (+)(-) 0.5

Nutritional supplement

Storage and packaging:
25kg poly-ethylene bags in export carton boxes or 1,000kg bulk bags. Store in dry area, under roof, at ambient temperature, and away from sunlight.


  • Improvement of intestinal health.
  • Effective alternative to antibiotics and growth promoters.
All ingredients approved by (FDA) under American Association of Feed Control Officials under Official (AAFCO) No. 57.150. Publication: 1998.

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