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What is Megaenzyme™?
Megaenzyme™ is a concentrated enzymatic supplement with probiotics, specially formulated to improve animal digestion in order to achieve greater nutrient absorption in the animal gut. Megaenzyme™ facilitates better digestion through its hydrolyzing effect on nutrients, improving their bio-availability and their absorption in the digestive tract, resulting in a savings in metabolic energy that reflect in a better feed conversion and weight gain, with corresponding positive impact in production costs. Additionally, the enzymes, Xylanasa y Lactasa, included in Megaenzyme™, allow for a more efficient use of lower-cost raw materials, such as wheat byproducts and dairy byproducts, frequently included in swine feed formulations. Also, the probiotics that are part of Megaenzyme™ provide for better animal well being, translating into a significant reduction in mortality levels and therefore in an important improvement in the lot's final survivability. Eventually, the common treatment techniques, such as the routine use of antibiotics and growth promoters in the feed, can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

The net effect in the use of Megaenzyme™ is more production of lean meat, at a lower cost, and with a superior quality to the end consumer. Experience has shown that its use is a determinant factor in raising animals more competitively.

Mode of action and rate of application:
With Megaenzyme™ maximum nutrient availability and absorption is achieved due to the hydrolyzing activity of the Megaenzyme™ components : PROTEASE, AMYLASE, CELULASE, LIPASE, PEPTINASE, LACTASE in the amine, carbohydrate, lipid, and fiber groups in the feed. Phytase frees phosphorous contained in vegetable raw materials and makes it available to the animal in the ration, providing savings in formulation. The above mentioned enzymes are produced by Aspergillus Oryzae, through the fermentation and extraction method.

Protein + Protease = Peptin + Amino Acid
Starch + Amylase = Glucose
Cellulose + Cellulase = Glucose + Cellobiose
Fat + Lipase = Glycerine
Peptin + Peptinase = Galacturonic Acid
Lactose + Lactase = Glucose + Galactose

Megaenzyme™ also contains probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium thermophilum, bifidobacterium longum, Streptococcus faecium) for the purpose of restoring intestinal microflora for competitive exclusion and to produce lactic acid in localized intestinal areas, that result in bactericidal activity which contribute to the elimination of pathogens in the digestive tract.

Megaenzyme™ is applied as any other micro-ingredient, without the need of dispensing equipment. Since it is a concentrate, it is only necessary to pre-mix, prior to application in the feed. 100 grs per MT for poultry, swine, and bovine feed. The pre-mix may be done with maltodextrin to apply in the feed at 1 kg. per T.M. Megaenzyme™ is stable under standard pelleting conditions (80ºC, 2 minutes maximum).

Megaenzyme™, packed in 75 grams, 100 grams, and 120 grams aluminum pouches is also applied through the animal drinking water as indicated in the label. 75 grams/10,000 birds daily during the cycle.

Guaranteed levels of enzymes and probiotics:
Enzymes Units/kg (Min) Probiotics CFU/kg (min)
Protease 1,000,000 Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Amylase 7,500,000 Bifidobacterium Thermophilum
Cellulase 400,000 Bifidobacterium Longum
Peptinase 200,000 Streptococcus Faecium
Lipase 300,000
Lactase 5,000
Fitasa 2,200
Xylanase 40,000

Summary of benefits:
Lower feed conversion, increase in bone mass, greater weights in less time, less mortality, less formulation costs, less fatty tissue, less cost per kg. of meat produced, more meat production, greater rate of return.

All ingredients approved by (FDA) and American Feed Control Officials under Official Publication 1998 - Chapter 30 Enzymes, and Chapter 34.14 under Direct Fed Microorganisms

  • The enzymes in Megaenzyme™ are of the highest activity per unit available.
  • Megaenzyme™ is a concentrate (no carrier).
  • Megaenzyme™ is the product in the market with the most numbers of enzymes.
  • Megaenzyme™ is the only product in the market that combine enzymes with four different types of very important probiotics.
  • Megaenzyme™ the only enzymatic complex containing phytase as a major component.
Proven efficacy:
All components in Megaenzyme™ work synergistically with each other in the medium, to achieve their maximum potential.

The synergism of the unique blend of enzymes in Megaenzyme™ achieves the maximum extraction of basic nutrients breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats providing the maximum availability of these nutrients in the animal 's digestive tract. The net effect is achieving optimum feed efficiency relative to the feed components present in the feed and maximum nutrient absorption in accordance with the genetic potential of the animals.

The presence of probiotics in Megaenzyme™: Bifidobacterium longhum, thermophilum, Lactobacillus acidophyllus work to address the animal's different needs to obtain complete metabolic functions by means of the following mechanisms:
1) Competitive Exclusion: these probiotics compete with pathogens in the occupation of inner intestinal surface.
2) They surround pathogens preventing their reproduction and inhibiting their attachment to intestinal receptors.
3) They produce lactic acid in localized intestinal micro-locations, lowering the area pH resulting in death of any pathogens present.

Proven results:
  • The animal spends less metabolic energy in digestion
  • A better quality animal - Less fat tissue, more muscle tissue, and denser bone structure
  • Higher field productivity indexes
  • Accelerated absorption of antibiotics, resulting in less need for antibiotics in feeds
  • Shorter growth cycles
  • Elimination of growth promoters. Conventional growth promoters are antibiotics that attempt to anticipate the presence of certain pathogens in feeds and their harmful effects to the animal. However, not all pathogens are sensitive to growth promoters and the pathogens that are develop resistance to them with time. Additionally, growth promoters leave residues in the animal's muscle tissue that eventually are passed on to humans.
Megaenzyme™ as a growth promoter:
All the above described attributes and functions in ACTIVITY, PROVEN EFFICACY, and PROVEN RESULTS combined, produce a growth promotion effect in a natural and most complete form, with the added quality of not leaving any residue due to the modes of actions described.


Use rate:
For poultry and swine feed of 100 ppm (100 grams per MT of feed).
Basic corrective adjustments (drinking water):

For an adequate valuation of Megaenzyme™ in poultry and swine feed formulas, we recommend the following basic and general guidelines to follow in descending order of nutrients levels requirement (protein and energy) antibiotics y and growth promoters, with respect to the standard norm without Megaenzyme™.
· Proteins 2 %
· Energy 5 %
· Antibiotics in feed 50%
· Growth promoter 100 % (eliminate)

Basic corrective adjustments (feed): The same as before verifiable via formulation matrix as follows:

Formulation matrix for the use of Megaenzyme™ in poultry feeds at the rate of 100 ppm (100 grs. per MT ) - formulation values of Megaenzyme™

Nutrients Starter Grower/Finisher Pullets Layers/Breeders.
Phosphorous 1.404 1.525 1.700 2.025
Calcium 1.404 1.525 1.700 4.050
EM, Kcal/kg 192.839 189.650 214.200 303.039
Proteins 5.602 5.592 6.234 8.912
Lisine 289 288 321 459
Metionine 44 44 47 70
Cistine 89 89 99 141
M+C 141 140 156 222
Tryptofan 26 26 29 40
Treonine 191 190 212 303
Valine 226 226 252 358
Isoleucine 246 245 273 391
Leucine 383 382 425 607
Arginine 318 317 354 504
Fenilalanine 263 259 289 413
Histidine 184 183 204 292

Aminogram interpretation:
The hydrolytic action of Megaenzyme™ increases the bio-availability of nutrients in feeds. The presence of multiple enzymes in Megaenzyme™ increases even more this hydrolytic action due to the synergism among the enzymes (increased access to each of the substrates) established by the type and the degree of activity present in the unique Megaenzyme™ formulation. In addition, the presence of the beneficial micro-organisms present in Megaenzyme™ add an increased force to the its enzymatic action in the animal's digestive tract.

The values that appear in the aminogram are in terms of percentages and only take into account the hydrolytic action of each individual enzyme. The percentages are directly related to the Megaenzyme™ rate of inclusion in the feed (grams/MT of feed).

In order to determine the % additional value of each nutrient made available to the animal due to each enzyme's hydrolytic action, the following formula should be used:

[Nutrient's ( % ) value in the aminogram X ( Dosage in grams ) Megaenzyme™ (XP) / MT of Feed]/
(1,000,000 grams / TM)

Making this calculation for each nutrient in the aminogram will determine the total savings in formulation by Megaenzyme™

All ingredients are approved for use in animal feeds in USA under the FDA norms as published in the AFCO Manual (American Feed Control Officials), pages 204 to 219

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