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What is Megayeast™?
Megayeast™ is a blend of live active yeast, enzymes, and probiotics designed for bovine and equine rations for the purpose of improving feed efficiency, productivity indexes and animal quality.

Mode of action:
Live active yeast: Increases total bacterial count in the rumen, especially the cellulitic population. Stimulates specific bacterial populations in the rumen. Increases fiber digetion, lactate utilization, and reduces rumen ammonia.

Enzymes: Break down proteins, carbohydrate, fats, and fibers, making nutrients more available in the animal's gut.

Probiotics: Help maintain a balanced microflora, make enzymes, and promote passive immunity. Because they are encapsulated, they pass through the rumen to reach their proper place of activity in the digestive tract.

All components of Megayeast™ work in synergism with each other, to increase their respective efficacies resulting in a common effort to improve productivity.

Protein: 38% min, Phosphate Dry Basis: 1.6%, Moisture: 8.0%, Fiber: 8.0%, Ash: 4.6%, Fat(Not Hydrolyzed): 1.0%, Thiamine(B1): 20 mcg/g, Riboflavin(B2): 40 mcg/g, Niacin: 390 mcg/g, Pantothenic acid: 125 mcg, Choline 3,000 mcg/g, Color: Tan, Texture: 8 mesh.

Enzymes Units/kg (Min) Probiotics CFU/kg (min)
Protease 500,000 Lactobacillus Acidophilus 22,500,000,000
Amylase 3,750,000 Bifidobacterium Thermophilum 22,500,000,000
Cellulase 200,000 Bifidobacterium Longum 22,500,000,000
Peptinase 100,000 Streptococcus Faecium 22,500,000,000
Xylanase 10,000
Phytase 3,000

Economic benefits:
  • Increase in Dry Matter Intake
  • Greater Feed Utilization
  • Cows Feed More
  • Healthier Rumen
  • Higher Fat and protein Yields
  • Higher Milk Production
Rates of inclusion:
Dairy Cows - Lactating cows: 10grs/head per day. Calf starter: 10grs/head/day. Dry/Prefresh cows: 5-10gr/head/day.
Beef Cattle - Feeder cattle under stress: 10grs/head/day. Calfs, Feedlot cattle: 5grs/head/day.
Horses - Colts & Sweet feed: 500 grams/MT of feed. Adults: 400 grams/MT of feed.
Mineral Blocks - 80gr/head/day

All ingredients are approved by FDA as listed in the American Feed Control Officials, official manual publication, 1998 edition.

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