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Fat soluble vitamins cannot be completely synthesized by animals, yet they are required for growth, vitality, and general good health. Newborn piglets and calves depend on supplemental vitamins.

The fats in maternal milk exist in an extremely small diameter, emulsified form, making it possible to resorb them directly via the lymphatic system, Vitaplex™ is manufactured to use the same mode of delivery. This provides a faster and more efficient use of the vitamins, which is especially important in newborn and sick mammals.

In contrast, traditional fat-soluble vitamins must go through conventional fat digestion. This requires a longer time and loss of vitamin potency for the animal.

What is Vitaplex™?
Vitaplex™ is a fat-soluble complete vitamin complex specially designed for oral application of newborn calves and piglets for sublingual absorption. It is a high dispersion system that consists of two phases, oil and water. The vitamins are dissolved in the oilous phase, which is then broken down by special technical processes into ultra-fine particles and spread throughout the watery phase, with suitable emulsifier to stabilize the emulsion.

Mode of action:
Vitaplex™ bypasses the less efficient and more complex cycle involved in fat metabolism. It is manufactured under a special micronization technique allowing absorption through the mucus membrane, providing for faster and more complete absorption compared to conventional oil-based vitamins administered via the digestive tract.

Method of application:
Vitaplex™ is applied orally with conventional oral applicators.

Guaranteed analysis:
Vitamin A: 250,000 IU, Vitamin D3: 10,000 IU, Vitamin E: 125 mg, Vitamin B1: 10mg, Vitamin B2: 15mg, Vitamin B6: 5mg, Vitamin B12: 30mg, Calcium d-Pantothenate: 10mg, Nicotinic Acid: 120mg, Chlorine Hydrogen Tartrate: 40mg

Benefits of Vitaplex™:

  • Faster delivery - blood levels of vitamins increase 4 times faster after administration.
  • Very effective in calves and swine - utilization does not depend on an inefficient fat metabolizing system.
  • Greater effectiveness - more of the vitamins (8 to 10 times) show up in the blood stream, because the liver's buffering action is circumvented.
  • Lower dosage needed - due to its increased absorption, lower vitamins levels are required.
  • Cost effectiveness - a more effective delivery system yields cost savings.
  • Blood levels of Vitamin A.
  • No injection site tissue damage.
Usage rate: Calf at birth: 5 ml per new born, as soon as possible. Repeat as necessary.
Piglets at birth: 0.5 ml per new born piglet per day.

Storage: Store in a cool dry area, out of direct sunlight at a control temperature between 36 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Graph for Vitaplex
Arrows for Vitaplex Vitaplex

Injection of aqueous solution

Oleovitamin A given orally

All ingredients approved by FDA for animal consumption as listed by the (AFCO) American Feed Control Officials, 1998 Publication.

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