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What is Yukafeed™?
Yukafeed™ is an animal feed additive in powder form which controls odors, ammonia, and any other emitted gases that might be dangerous to animal health.

Yukafeed™ is 100% natural. It is extracted from the stems of the YUCCA SCHIDIGERA tree and air-dried. It is produced mechanically and contains all the solid properties and composition of the YUCCA species.

Content: YUCCA SCHIDIGERA powder
Appearance: Light beige, free flow. Color variation due to its natural state.
Toxicity: non-toxic
Shelf-life: 18 months at environment temperature
Heat Stability: Excellent
PH Stablity: Excellent
Packaging: 25 Kg

Chemical analysis:
Moisture: 5.88 %
Raw Protein: 5.46 %
Raw Fat: 0.69 %
Raw Fiber: 24.10 %
Ash: 7.59 %
Carbohydrates: 56.28 % ( including Min. 30% Yucca solids and saponins)

Animal feed improvement: investigations held by several universities and also several field studies and tests have shown that adding Yukafeed™ to animal feed results in an improvement in pets feed as a consequence of odor and ammoniac reduction.

Free flow: Yukafeed™ is flow free, which permits the use of automatic computerized dosage systems.

Synergism: Investigations show that the use of Yukafeed™ in animal feed results in weight gain and higher feed efficiency .

Gas reduction: Yukafeed™ diminishes waste odor, thus creating a better environment for both, animals and employees.

Economy: Yukafeed™ is one of the most profitable products made to improve animal performance, resulting in higher incomes for the producer.

Efficacy levels:

Yukafeed™ (mg) 0 2 4 6 8 10
AMONIACO (%) 100 71.03 44.64 22.82 14.88 8.33

Inclusion levels:
Poultry, swine, and bovine feeds: 30 grams/MT.
Pet feed: 50 grams/MT. Provides 50 mg. of Yukafeed™ per pet feed Kg. , eg. 500 % above the maximum.

It can be mixed with any other powder vehicle for more homogenous inclusion. Example: 450 grams of mixer plus 50 grams of Yukafeed™. Total: 500 grams per Tm of mixture.

FDA Approval All ingredients approved by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and American Feed Control Officials (AFCO) under numeral 21CFR- 172.510

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