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What is Zymeq™?

Zymeq™ is a combination of carrier and Coenzyme Q10 that when added to animal feeds produces more energy in the animal and raises it’s immunity.

Could you use more energy? Most 10 year olds are bursting with energy. At 30 most of us STILL have plenty of energy. By 40 we are beginning to slow down, but experience allows us shortcuts to slow down our energy needs. However, by age 60 our energy levels are so depleted that even the wisdom of our years can’t make up for the decline. If we make eighty, we are just a shadow of our former selves. If we turn 100, we are glad to be alive. It is not our body as a whole that needs the energy, it is our individual cells. Our brain cells needs the energy to think, our heart cells need the energy to keep our blood circulating, our lung cells need energy for structure and strength, and our immune system need energy to fight off invading organisms.

In 1956, scientists at the University of Wisconsin, under Dr. David E. Green isolated a crystalline yellow compound from beef heart mitochondria (the energy factories of the cell). It was determined that the chemical structure of Co Q is 2,3-dimethoxy -5-methyl- 1-6-decaprenyl-1,4-benzoquinone. This structure was revealed at the International Congress On Biochemistry in VIENNA in 1958 and published the year in he Journal of American Chemical Society (60:4752). This compound was given the name Coenzyme Q10 because it has the biochemical role of a coenzyme (it aids the action of enzymes), the letter Q is the first letter of QUINONE, and because it has 10 Isoprenoid Units. Its is found in virtually every cell in the body.

All bodies are made up of cells, all of which must produce their own energy to carry out their life’s functions. In order to generate this energy, your cells have factories (called mitochondria) where nutrients obtained from food are “burned” in the presence of oxygen obtained from the air we breathe. An estimated 95% of the oxygen we breath is used solely for the generation of energy. Coenzyme Q 10 is a necessary component of this energy-generating process in every cell of your body. No other substance can be substituted for Coenzyme Q 10, without which energy cannot be generated and life cannot be sustained.

Mode of action:
The molecules in the food animals eat break down into units containing carbon atoms held together by negatively-charged electrons. The bonds between carbon atoms are then broken down further, so that the electrons are released. The energy built into the released electrons is converted to ATP, which the cell use as its energy currency. The depleted electrons are then combined with positively-charged protons and oxygen to form water, the harmless waste product for the process.

CoQ molecules assist several enzymes that stimulate this energy generating process by acting as a shuttle to transport both electrons and protons from one bio-energy enzyme to another. Each CoQ molecule carries electron and protons from donor enzymes to acceptor enzymes, then they turn to pick up more electron and protons. This process occurs over and over a thousand times a second!

Contains 200,000 units of activity per kg of Coenzyme Q 10. The dosage is as follows:
For poultry: 100 grams per MT for 5 days during stress periods.
For swine: 100 grams per MT for 5 days prior to slaughter.
For calves: 50 to 100 milligrams per head per day during stress periods - newborn calves, transportations, etc.

In poultry, swine and bovine: higher immunity, more energy at the cellular level, lower mortality, prevention of Sudden Death Syndrome in poultry, more meat, less fat, and better meat color in swine and bovines.

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