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Glucosamine Sulfate 500 mg

Product Name: Glucosamine Sulfate 500 mg
Product Number: VNV197
Product Count: 90/CT
Product Form: Capsules
Sizes Available: 90 Caps

Glucosamine Sulfate is an aminopolysaccharide, which is a combination of an amino acid (glutamine) and a sugar (glucose). Glucosamine is produced by the body and produces the raw material for substances that provide the foundation for many of the body's tissues including cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and collagen to mention a few. Glucosamine also supports the health of tissues that make up many of the body's organs. Glucosamine may not work as quickly as pain relieving medications, but it may be more effective over time, this is because medications tend to wear off quickly, but Glucosamine continues to work, sometimes for weeks after the supplements are discontinued. Research indicates that Glucosamine may help to relieve the stiffness, pain, and swelling associated with joint disorders. In a double-blind clinical trial that compared administration of 1200 mg ibuprofen to 1500 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate, test subjects taking Glucosamine Sulfate experienced less pain than those taking ibuprofen. Approximately 70 countries worldwide authorize Glucosamine as a 'treatment' for persons with mild to moderately severe joint disorders.

Glucosamine does not occur in foods that are readily available. Our Glucosamine Sulfate is derived from the processed shells of shrimp, lobster and crab. Glucosamine Sulfate is the form best absorbed by the body and the most commonly used form to support healthy joint function.

Our Glucosamine Sulfate 500mg is available in 90 count capsules.

Research Indicates
  • Commonly used by medical practitioners in treatment of joint disorders
  • May support healthy inflammation response
  • May help alleviate progressive joint damage
  • Shown to speed healing of joint sprains and muscle strains
  • May promote healthy healing and lessen scarring from wounds or surgery
  • Shows promise in the treatment of kidney stones (additional research is needed to substantiate any claims)
Recommended Dosage
  • Typical daily dosage ranges from 500 - 1500 mgs; take 1 tablet, one to two times daily with meals.
  • If you are pregnant or lactating consult a health care practitioner prior to taking this product.
  • Glucosamine Sulfate may increase the risk of developing insulin resistance and could decrease the metabolic actions of insulin. Persons that have diabetes should consult a health care practitioner prior to using Glucosamine products.
  • Persons allergic to shellfish should not use Glucosamine Sulfate.
  • In rare cases mild digestive distress has been reported by those taking Glucosamine Sulfate, taking with a meal typically alleviates this response.

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