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Melatonin 3 mg

Product Name: Melatonin 3 mg
Product Number: VNV256, VNV267
Product Count: 180/CT, 60/CT
Product Form: Capsules
Sizes Available: 180 Caps, 60 Caps

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the brain by the pineal gland. Circulating levels of melatonin in the body vary throughout the day depending on environmental factors. The release and synthesis of melatonin are suppressed by light and stimulated by darkness; this suggests melatonin plays an integral role in circadian rhythms (biochemical, physiological or behavioral processes based on a 24 hour cycle) throughout the body.

Melatonin has been described as a pervasive and powerful antioxidant due to its ability to easily cross cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier. Certain trials have demonstrated melatonin's ability to prevent damage to DNA by some carcinogens as well as protect against immune disorders, cardiovascular disease, and depression. As research continues to uncover melatonin's many health giving benefits, it is most widely known for its sleep promoting properties. Since melatonin production is inhibited by light and permitted by darkness, as evening approaches the pineal gland secretes melatonin which causes drowsiness and lowers body temperature. Melatonin levels continue to increase and peak in the middle of the night but gradually taper by morning - this effect is known as the melatonin phase-response curve (PRC). While melatonin supplementation is an effective natural aid to for better sleep, it can be counterproductive and disrupt the PRC when taken in large doses; for instance, 1mg of melatonin would be better utilized in the body as opposed to a 20mg dosage.

Our Melatonin is available in various potencies and delivery forms depending on your particular needs including 1mg, 3mg, and 5mg dosages.

Research Indicates
  • May promote restful sleep
  • A powerful antioxidant
  • May improve immune function
  • May offer support against depression
Recommended Dosage
  • Take 1 capsule 30 minutes prior to retiring for bed.
  • Please consult your healthcare professional prior to using this product.
  • If you are pregnant or lactating, consult your health care practitioner prior to using this product.
  • Melatonin can cause drowsiness; therefore caution should be shown when driving, operating machinery, etc.
  • Prolonged use of melatonin supplements can decrease the body's natural production; therefore intermittent short term use is recommended.

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